What is AI-Powered Customer Service?


Artificial Intelligence or AI-powered customer service is not just any science-fiction fantasy anymore. With the invention of technology like ML or Machine Learning, it has marked its entrance into the real world. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to reshape everything from our computers, smartphones, household chores and all the required appliances. It has powerful predicting algorithms, which have the ability to predict your day’s meal to your night’s dress.

What Can AI Bots Do?

Now, coming to the further advancement of AI where it has made another remarkable entry into a creation called “Chatbots”, these are computerised or automated robots that have the ability to handle all customer inquiries. It is so advanced that it has now replaced the human customer service agent. It is also predicted that they’re making nearly 2020, 85 per cent of all the consumers’ interactions with respect to customer service and other aspects of the businesses will be entirely automated. With attributes that make them just as capable (in some ways, even more so) than human representatives, it’s no surprise chatbots are reshaping the customer service industry.

  1. Chatbots Are Quick Learners

Usually, these AI-powered customer service chatbots have a library of answered questions to all the common and rare quests customers ask. They answer the queries based on certain specific keywords found in the questions that the customers ask. Similar to Siri or Alexa on the smartphones, these little robot systems are present in the website or application software and are much more accurate than the former. As time passes, the chatbots learn quickly and completely adapt to each and every question they have answered since the beginning. As a result, they are faster problem solvers as well.

  1. They Never Need Rest

As customer support agents need to catch up with lunch and sleep, these clever little chatbots are continuously doing work. Any company’s chat schedule now can have a comfortable coverage of 24/7. This is one major advantage of using the chatbot along with your efficient human staff. But, it is mportant for both to work in tandem to make the most of the harmony.

  1. Bots Handle Pressure Well

There are chances that even your best employees have a bad day, irrespective of how awesome they are at work. This may be those days when they do not handle pressure too well and result in job frustration. Well, this is the exact time when AI-powered customer service chatbots can save the day! Bots are designed to never feel frustration or give up under pressure or work stress.

Another advantage is its speed. Customers are usually impatient and they want very fast responses to their product-related problems. Furthermore, they want easy and simple solutions as well.  In many such situations, company owners cannot afford manual errors or frustrated customers in bulk. This is exactly how the speed of the AI-powered customer service come to the maximum advantage. With very fewer chances of error and super fast responses, the customer leaves satisfied.


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