Wedding Music Guide: What Is The First Dance And How To Prepare For It?


This is the wedding music guide to first dances, and how to prepare for one. First of all, the first dance is by no means essential to a wedding, but for some invited guests, it’s an eagerly anticipated tradition that highlights the start of all the festivities, as opposed to the formalities of the wedding ceremony. The first dance opens the way for everybody else to join in at the wedding reception, where the bride and groom dance together to a romantic song, usually with lyrics about dedicating their love to one another, or the commitment they’ve taken.

Picking the wedding music

So how do you pick a first dance song? The process shouldn’t be stressful. Just like picking flower arrangements and bouquets, first dances are a personal touch, so brides and grooms can choose anything they like. There can sometimes be pressure to go for the popular songs, or the older classics that people expect you to play, though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those romantic pieces from back in the day. There’s no reason why you can’t make your first dance song completely unique and write it yourself if you’re a musician too. It is meant to be memorable, though for good reasons.

But brides and grooms can choose songs based on a number of things, such as:

  • A song from a band or singer they both love.
  • A song they both were into when they first met.
  • A suggested song from song lists online, which you can find using Google.
  • A song based on lyrics they like.

Who will play the song, and what style?

Once you’ve decided on the music, then you can get hold of a CD or an mp3 for the DJ to play on the evening. Instead, you could get someone to sing it live, either with music or a cappella. If you’ve hired a band or intend on hiring one, they can sing themselves, and even change the arrangement of it too. Perhaps you can get an acoustic or instrumental version of it, either pre-recorded or again played live. Nonetheless, if you’re set on having a first dance at your wedding, regardless of whether you expect someone to perform it live or not, bring a CD just in case anything happens to your performer.

And do you really need dance lessons?

Of course not. That said, the newly learned moves would look wonderful to your guests and in the wedding video. However, if you have rhythm, and you both don’t possess two left feet, I’m sure you won’t have to go through step lessons. But if you do want to dance, don’t even think about taking lessons until you have a song. It’s not the worst thing that can happen, but it may be unnerving to learn one dance style when the music is a completely different style and tempo on the day.

All in all, I hope you enjoyed my light-hearted article on how to pick a first dance song. If you’re looking for wedding music at your reception, Carol Black is soul singer, who performs classics from past to present in the UK.


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