How to Uninstall Mac Apps?


Uninstalling Mac apps and programs is a very easy task. Simply drag which app you have to uninstall and move to the trash.  Sometimes it is difficult to uninstall the apps because they don’t have built in features, shortcuts and some other cases. On other hands some applications they are running on system’s hard drive and you may find difficult to uninstall. In windows you can see the option of uninstall, but in MACOS you don’t have such built in feature.

Why people uninstall apps macos? Because large type of applications slows down your computer and it leads inefficiency. So, if you clearing junk apps and uninstalling the apps makes your computer efficient and fast processing. There are so many ways to uninstall mac apps, in this article we are going to brief simple steps and using third party apps to uninstall mac apps.

Step 1:

In most times Mac applications self-contained that apps they don’t give trouble for other apps in the system. You can uninstall apps by opening Finder icon, next click the apps in the right of the side bar, next you have to right click the app icon that you want to uninstall and lastly move the app to trash. Some of the applications that will directly move to trash and you have to right click the button trash icon then you have to select icon Empty Trash.

In most cases some apps ask for password when you’re going to move for trash. Those applications are installed by the usage of package installer of Mac. Make sure that, for these types of apps you can’t simply move to trash. Some apps like chess, you can’t delete or modified, they have the requisition by OS X.

Step 2:

If you’re going to uninstall complicated files, here is the solution. Firstly, you have to check the documentation of the app that have permission to uninstall. If they have such option, that can be installed in disk space and you can go to disk space from there you can uninstall apps. Also, sometimes that will be left in Background files. There are some multimedia apps like Garage Band. This type of apps that are hidden in library folders or home folder. Usually they are named with their program, like Acrobat. You have to search for those names using the keyword spotlight, then you can easily drag and drop the apps to the trash.

Here you can get how to uninstall mac applications using third party apps.

You can find wide range of third-party apps, that will help you to uninstall the apps easily. Some of the applications like, AppCleaner, Clean My Mac, Clean app and X uninstaller. That will promise and make hard work to uninstall apps. Some of the experienced users, they will make use of command prompt like to uninstall apps macos. We think that we are covered the topic in brief.

Hope you get a useful information on uninstall apps macos. Thanks for reading our article.


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