How Do You Fix a Cluttered Office?


There is a popular cliché that says “a messy office is a functional office.” Indeed, the adage was true a few decades ago, as a seemingly clean office often entails that there’s no work being done. But the same cannot be said today, as most of the items people use for office work are now in digital form, save of course from the basic items that need to be in their hard, physical form.

But despite technazological advancements and office tools becoming more functional when they come in the form of computer and online applications, it is still common to encounter heavily cluttered office spaces. This may be due to various reasons, such as the staff being preoccupied with other more important tasks, lack of people to do maintenance work, using the wrong office equipment, and yes, the absence of discipline in cleaning the office.

So what do you do to fix a cluttered office? While we all know that a cleaner, more organized office allows for greater motivation and productivity, not all of us know how to declutter. If you are experiencing this problem too, then these tips might be of help:

  1. Plan your office interiors.

Sometimes, decluttering comes in the form of rearranging your furniture and appliances to make movement more productive and efficient. If this is the kind of problem you are facing, then perhaps it’s time to come up with a new office interior design.

You may seek the help of a professional interior designer, but before doing so you may want to draw a top view of office space so you have a clearer picture of the “planned” version of it. From here, you can then decide how to fix your office.

  1. Get rid of broken furniture.

Another reason why offices look really messed up is because of broken furniture. These include chairs with broken legs, rusty cabinets, tables with uneven surfaces, among others. When these accumulate in your office, your staff will stop using them and leave them as is. They will also look for other spaces to work on and leave their belongings in these new self-designated spaces.

So yes, it is a must to get rid of broken furniture and invest on new, sturdy ones that can last for years, as this is to ensure that you and your colleagues are able to use them for a longer period of time.

  1. Organize.

Organizing things may be the hardest part of all, but this needs to be done if you want to improve your office interior design. You may begin by assigning boxes for the items you use on a regular basis and set them apart from those that are intended only for special occasions. You may then do the same with documents and other paperwork, as well as other files that need to be kept and stored properly.

It is also important in office interiors that all storage areas are properly labeled. This is for everybody to know where certain items can be found, and where to return them.